Friday, September 30, 2011

Custom Pony Contest #2

I am holding another custom pony contest!
The theme of the last contest was space and the winner was:

Anyways contest info!

The theme for this one is ART!

Please email a drawing (or you can use the pony creator) of your pony to along with the form below:

Nickname -
Email -
Ponies Name:
What is your pony based on from art? (example a type of art supply, an art term, etc.)
Cutie Mark?
Mane/Tail color?
Eye color?
Type of Pony?
Body Color?

The deadline for the contest is October 12th, 2011
The winner will receive a full custom pony. The runner ups will receive a discount on a custom pony.


  1. What does 'What is your pony based on from art?' mean?

  2. Edited the entry to make it more clear.

  3. Am I correct in assuming that the shipping is to be further discussed after the winner have been chosen?
    And how far are you willing/comfortable shipping it?
    (Sorry if the answer is stupidly obvious, I'm a little slow at times.)

  4. If you win the contest shipping is free. Runners up will get a discount but still have to pay for shipping.

    I ship worldwide. I use priority mail for all of my customs. $5 flat rate in the USA and $10 flat rate worldwide.

  5. I still don't get 'What is your pony based on from art?'

    Am I supposed to make an OC that is inspired by art-related things? Because _my_ OC (ponysona if you prefere) is not based on art or writing.

    Sorry for my confusion ^^;

  6. Yes, the contest is to make an art based OC pony.