Sunday, August 7, 2011


So earlier today I got this really good idea, well at least I think its a good idea.

I am going to be customizing older gen ponies to look like Derpy.  So now I need to collect some older gen ponies.

I have:
G3 Adult Pegasus

On the way:
G1 Baby Pegasus
G3 Baby Pegasus

I still need:
G1 Adult Pegasus

I havent managed to find out if there are any G2 Pegasai. I may just have to find a G2 in a pose I like and sculpt some wings on to it.

I might make a G3.5 Derpy...not sure yet.

I also want to make a Derpy out of one of the G4 molded ponies and one of the G4 fashion style ponies.

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